March Recap! April Goals!

In March I ended up having 3 shows!

I did over $800 in sales

0 recruits!

I wasn’t too far off of what my goals were!

April my goal is to have 1 show (I have zero so far)

$500 in sales

1 recruit!

Now it is the true test.  I need to get out and call and market myself to get new shows!  This is were people either win or choose to lose at the home business game!



February I only had 1 show…. my other show had canceled :(.

But did I sit down and say ‘woe is me?’ NO!

I called past costumers and I got myself my own show!

I was $240 away from my next incentive and I knew I could do it if I picked up that phone!  I have only been a chocolatier for a few months and I don’t have many past costumers but I got a total of 7 orders that totaled almost $300 dollars in sales!  Not only does that give me my next incentive, but I now have REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

I have 2 shows, so far, at the end of March  so here are my March goals!

3 Shows!

1 Recruit!

$1000 in sales!

Wish me luck!


Had a great show on the 2nd of February.  I, also, have a show this Saturday!  Planning on getting at least one show from this Saturday to host a show before the end of February!

I am still getting used to the shipping methods of Fedex, but otherwise no problems or complaints.

Wish me luck!



I wanted to do 5 shows…. I had 4 shows!

I wanted to do $2000 in sales…. I did $863 in sales!

I wanted 1 recruit….. I got 0 recruits!

I am very proud of myself!  Why am I proud since I didn’t reach my goals?  Because I now know what I am doing!  I am well past the break even point! I have completed my ‘training’ month and now am better prepared!


4 shows!  (I have 2 scheduled so far)

$1700 in sales!

1 recruit!

Wish me luck!

Hit my First $1000! What Does That Really Mean?

This week I hit over $1000 in sales.  That means I so far have made $250 being a chocolatier in 6 weeks.  I have had a total of 4 parties.  That is an average of over $60 per party.  I spent $115 on the kit and have spent about $100 in other business expenses (folders, file holder, pens, ect.)  This includes me buying a few extra products and some new catalogs.  From here on out I calculate that 80% of every show will be going into my pocket and 20% will go back in the business.  For example;

If in one month I do $1000 in sales, which is $250 in commission I will really have made $200 dollars after a few expenses.

$200 a month to me is almost my whole car payment!

I have 2 shows tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

Mistakes I Have Made so Far!

I had my second official show 2 days ago!  There was 20 guests but only 2 orders.  I know that sounds like a fail, but I booked 2 shows from other guests, So even though I didn’t actually make money on this show I should do well at the others.

Mistakes I have made so far!

mistake 1:  I had a ‘show’ in January with a lady, but I didn’t talk much to her beforehand as to how she wanted the show to go.  Big Mistake!  I drove 30 minutes to her house to find out that she wanted to host a show sometime later and this was just a prequil to that show.  So needless to say I spent a lot of time and people ate my product and the host didn’t want me to take any orders or sell anything.

Lesson I learned:  Communicate with the host BEFORE the party.

Mistake 2 and 3: giving away too much in product or in a prize.  My downfall is I want people to taste everything.  First it takes up too much time and second people loose interest if you are going over everything you have.  I also did a drawing for 2 free shipping on what I thought would be a big show, well there was only 2 orders and they both got free shipping.

Lesson I learned: Less is more!  Keep it simple stupid! I am going to go over only 2 items from each catagory and only have 4 or 5 samples.  One candy, One drink, One candy making, One Savory, One Recipe. Example: Cinnamen Dusted Almonds.  Martinis.  Fondue.  BBQ sauce.  Chai Tea Dip.  This should be enough to taste and save on supplies.

Lesson I learned.  For give aways just give away one thing.  If at the end you have 8 to 10 orders and you want to give away something extra then do it, just don’t let anyone know you will give away more.

Christmas is Over… What’s Next?

What is next now that Christmas is over?

Good news is I have a party on New Years.  I think it is going to go really well!  Not sure how many guests will be there, but it is at a friends house, so it will be good times either way.  This party will have all genders and kids.  It will be interesting to say the least.

I am still feeling good about all this chocolate stuff!  Only downside is that I wish that as a chocolatier I would be privie to better discounts.  I am almost better off just buying it at regular price and making commission on it.  But such is the way with these types of business’.  I know when I did jewelry that even though I got great discounts I was always giving away a lot as well, so it didn’t always pan out.

Wish me luck!