Oh No!

I won’t say I actually failed but do to having to go back and work for my husband and having a child I no longer have time to promote my business of chocolate :(.  I plan on restarting again when things get a little less hectic!

As I said before.  You can not half ass these things.  It is not hard to be successful at any of these selling jobs but you do have to have time and commitment!

Don’t let my pressing the pause button stop you from succeeding!

I will be back!

Wish me Luck!


March so Far!

I will say that my 2 friends that I am closest to (I don’t have many friends) have no interest in holding a chocolate party.  It is very discouraging because a part of me feels they don’t think this is a good deal.  I have now just come to realize that they are wrong.  They just are Debbie Downers!  Well not literally!  I have gotten such positive feedback from costumers and other individuals!  If you are reading this and you feel that you are not going forward with something because of a couple people in your life, you are doing yourself a horrible disservice!  You are the only person that is stopping yourself from succeeding!

I got invited to a Wine Women Wealth business network event to showcase my chocolate! yippee!  I am also doing a booth this weekend at a local craft fair.

I am the creator of my own happiness!

Wish me Luck


I went home to the family for a week so have been out of the loop.  My sister had a show and got $200 in sales.  I didn’t make much off my family because I paid their shipping, but it is family I don’t need to make money off them.  It was a lot of fun and really believe they will love the product.  I have a party this Saturday so will have to give her a call today.  I am also going to a chocolate meeting tonight and might call a couple people to see if they are coming as well.  I will also call the 3 people that have a party next weekend.  To sum it up I am going to make a lot of calls today.

Half way thru January goals!

I am $400 towards my $2000 goal

I am 2 parties towards my 5 party goal

I have 0 recruits towards my 1 recruit goal

Wish me luck!

Oh and I am finally going to meet my upline tonight!

Procrastination Overload!

I have at least a full hour of cleaning to get my place to a level of presentable for tomorrows party.  That doesn’t include setting up and finishing some snacks for the party.  Also, I have a booth tonight for my husbands work, a booth in the morning for my chocolate and then a party tomorrow as well!  I am not freaking out yet…. but I might be up all night lol.  You know on second thought I will just throw everything in the spare room and wipe a surface or two and plug in the candle!!!  lol

Wish me luck!

The Dog Ate my Chocolate….

So I made a few cool give away prizes by putting chocolate into cups and making it all pretty and crap.  Then we left for a date night.  My dog jumped up onto the couch up to where the prizes were and ate 8 oz of pure chocolate….  Don’t worry she is fine and alive.  She seems to be uneffected after 12 hours.

Lesson I learned today?  My dog is a menace!  Oh and be sure to put product in a safe place!