February I only had 1 show…. my other show had canceled :(.

But did I sit down and say ‘woe is me?’ NO!

I called past costumers and I got myself my own show!

I was $240 away from my next incentive and I knew I could do it if I picked up that phone!  I have only been a chocolatier for a few months and I don’t have many past costumers but I got a total of 7 orders that totaled almost $300 dollars in sales!  Not only does that give me my next incentive, but I now have REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

I have 2 shows, so far, at the end of March  so here are my March goals!

3 Shows!

1 Recruit!

$1000 in sales!

Wish me luck!



Had a great show on the 2nd of February.  I, also, have a show this Saturday!  Planning on getting at least one show from this Saturday to host a show before the end of February!

I am still getting used to the shipping methods of Fedex, but otherwise no problems or complaints.

Wish me luck!



I wanted to do 5 shows…. I had 4 shows!

I wanted to do $2000 in sales…. I did $863 in sales!

I wanted 1 recruit….. I got 0 recruits!

I am very proud of myself!  Why am I proud since I didn’t reach my goals?  Because I now know what I am doing!  I am well past the break even point! I have completed my ‘training’ month and now am better prepared!


4 shows!  (I have 2 scheduled so far)

$1700 in sales!

1 recruit!

Wish me luck!