Hit my First $1000! What Does That Really Mean?

This week I hit over $1000 in sales.  That means I so far have made $250 being a chocolatier in 6 weeks.  I have had a total of 4 parties.  That is an average of over $60 per party.  I spent $115 on the kit and have spent about $100 in other business expenses (folders, file holder, pens, ect.)  This includes me buying a few extra products and some new catalogs.  From here on out I calculate that 80% of every show will be going into my pocket and 20% will go back in the business.  For example;

If in one month I do $1000 in sales, which is $250 in commission I will really have made $200 dollars after a few expenses.

$200 a month to me is almost my whole car payment!

I have 2 shows tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


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