Hit my First $1000! What Does That Really Mean?

This week I hit over $1000 in sales.  That means I so far have made $250 being a chocolatier in 6 weeks.  I have had a total of 4 parties.  That is an average of over $60 per party.  I spent $115 on the kit and have spent about $100 in other business expenses (folders, file holder, pens, ect.)  This includes me buying a few extra products and some new catalogs.  From here on out I calculate that 80% of every show will be going into my pocket and 20% will go back in the business.  For example;

If in one month I do $1000 in sales, which is $250 in commission I will really have made $200 dollars after a few expenses.

$200 a month to me is almost my whole car payment!

I have 2 shows tomorrow!

Wish me luck!



I went home to the family for a week so have been out of the loop.  My sister had a show and got $200 in sales.  I didn’t make much off my family because I paid their shipping, but it is family I don’t need to make money off them.  It was a lot of fun and really believe they will love the product.  I have a party this Saturday so will have to give her a call today.  I am also going to a chocolate meeting tonight and might call a couple people to see if they are coming as well.  I will also call the 3 people that have a party next weekend.  To sum it up I am going to make a lot of calls today.

Half way thru January goals!

I am $400 towards my $2000 goal

I am 2 parties towards my 5 party goal

I have 0 recruits towards my 1 recruit goal

Wish me luck!

Oh and I am finally going to meet my upline tonight!

Mistakes I Have Made so Far!

I had my second official show 2 days ago!  There was 20 guests but only 2 orders.  I know that sounds like a fail, but I booked 2 shows from other guests, So even though I didn’t actually make money on this show I should do well at the others.

Mistakes I have made so far!

mistake 1:  I had a ‘show’ in January with a lady, but I didn’t talk much to her beforehand as to how she wanted the show to go.  Big Mistake!  I drove 30 minutes to her house to find out that she wanted to host a show sometime later and this was just a prequil to that show.  So needless to say I spent a lot of time and people ate my product and the host didn’t want me to take any orders or sell anything.

Lesson I learned:  Communicate with the host BEFORE the party.

Mistake 2 and 3: giving away too much in product or in a prize.  My downfall is I want people to taste everything.  First it takes up too much time and second people loose interest if you are going over everything you have.  I also did a drawing for 2 free shipping on what I thought would be a big show, well there was only 2 orders and they both got free shipping.

Lesson I learned: Less is more!  Keep it simple stupid! I am going to go over only 2 items from each catagory and only have 4 or 5 samples.  One candy, One drink, One candy making, One Savory, One Recipe. Example: Cinnamen Dusted Almonds.  Martinis.  Fondue.  BBQ sauce.  Chai Tea Dip.  This should be enough to taste and save on supplies.

Lesson I learned.  For give aways just give away one thing.  If at the end you have 8 to 10 orders and you want to give away something extra then do it, just don’t let anyone know you will give away more.