Let the Parties Begin! AAHHHOOOHH

So I had a booth AND a party today!

I spent 3 hours at a booth and got 4 orders.  Since the orders were locals I added it to my party order so they saved shipping costs.

I had 5 people show up to my party and 5 of them ordered!  That is a total of 9 orders!

Now I invited A LOT of people to my party.  It just goes to show that you need to over invite in order to have a successful show.  Now I didn’t reach my goal of $1000 but I did get almost $500 in sales. That means I have earned two business incentives from the company so far.  The average order was $50.  That gives me a good bench mark for future shows.  Also, since I threw the pary I get a few freebies to go towards my business.

I am feeling very optimistic about this after today.  Sure I didn’t reach all my goals but I learned that people want my product and that YES I do like what I am selling.

Now I have a kinda show on Wednesday so…

Wish me luck!


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