Prepping for my First Party!

You think it would be easy.  Make a couple desserts, show up, get more parties.  But it is not that simple.  If you are thinking of doing a party business remember there are a lot of steps before you are ready.  Do you have a packet for new hosts that sign up?  Do you have opportunity packets for people who are interested in selling themselves?  Do you have clipboards and a wish list for party goers to write on?  Have you practiced what you are going to say?  Do you have flyers on current specials?  Do you know the answers to all thier potential questions?  Have you practiced filling out the order form?  Do you know what shipping and taxes are?

If you want to be serious there are hours of work to do before your first show.  Plan on putting into it what you want out of it.  Only want to work 4 hours a week?; Expect only having one show a month.  The more hours you put into your business the more you will get out of it.  Be prepared!

Wish me luck!


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