Christmas is Over… What’s Next?

What is next now that Christmas is over?

Good news is I have a party on New Years.  I think it is going to go really well!  Not sure how many guests will be there, but it is at a friends house, so it will be good times either way.  This party will have all genders and kids.  It will be interesting to say the least.

I am still feeling good about all this chocolate stuff!  Only downside is that I wish that as a chocolatier I would be privie to better discounts.  I am almost better off just buying it at regular price and making commission on it.  But such is the way with these types of business’.  I know when I did jewelry that even though I got great discounts I was always giving away a lot as well, so it didn’t always pan out.

Wish me luck!


One Week Till Christmas!

No real news for the rest of December.  I had big goals for my first month that seem to be falling apart.  BUT THATS OK!  So far I have 3 shows booked for the end of January.  Sure that is over a month away, but I just started so I need to just stay motivated at this point.  It can be easy to fall of the wagon so to speak.  Just like moving a boulder it takes a lot more energy at first, but once it starts rolling it goes faster.


5 shows

$2000 in sales

1 recruit

Got my First Orders in!

I am very impressed with the promptness of this order.  They say 10 business days but I got it in 4!  The one thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t mail invoices for each order.  It is hard to go off just a packing sheet and the hand wriiten statements.  How do you return an item if there is no invoice? I am hoping it was an error and not the norm.


Tomorrow when I deliver my orders I am going to say….”What day were you going to host a chocolate party?  I am available New Years and the weekend before!  Also, any man who orders in January before Valentines gets an extra chocolate gift and free gift wrapping!”

The Grunt Work.

Had a call with my upline.  Went really well.  It motivated me to call the people that were interested in either a show or becoming a chocolatier.  I didn’t actually talk to anyone yet just left messeges.  I also emailed about 4 of the 10 people on top of calling.  I made sure to put all the emails I had into my website leads page which is about 20 all together with booth and party.


I want to have at least 2 more shows in December.  That is what I will need in order to make $600 dollars more in sales to reach another incentive this month.  Time to get people to party!

Wish me luck!

Let the Parties Begin! AAHHHOOOHH

So I had a booth AND a party today!

I spent 3 hours at a booth and got 4 orders.  Since the orders were locals I added it to my party order so they saved shipping costs.

I had 5 people show up to my party and 5 of them ordered!  That is a total of 9 orders!

Now I invited A LOT of people to my party.  It just goes to show that you need to over invite in order to have a successful show.  Now I didn’t reach my goal of $1000 but I did get almost $500 in sales. That means I have earned two business incentives from the company so far.  The average order was $50.  That gives me a good bench mark for future shows.  Also, since I threw the pary I get a few freebies to go towards my business.

I am feeling very optimistic about this after today.  Sure I didn’t reach all my goals but I learned that people want my product and that YES I do like what I am selling.

Now I have a kinda show on Wednesday so…

Wish me luck!

Procrastination Overload!

I have at least a full hour of cleaning to get my place to a level of presentable for tomorrows party.  That doesn’t include setting up and finishing some snacks for the party.  Also, I have a booth tonight for my husbands work, a booth in the morning for my chocolate and then a party tomorrow as well!  I am not freaking out yet…. but I might be up all night lol.  You know on second thought I will just throw everything in the spare room and wipe a surface or two and plug in the candle!!!  lol

Wish me luck!

Let me Bring you up to Speed!

Been away from the computer for a few days so here are the cliff notes as to how things are going…

1. Had a good call with my upline.

2. Signed up to do a booth this Saturday right before my party.

3. Signed up for a booth for January 5th.

4. Nervous I won’t hit my goal.

Also, I baked up stuff for my party.  It tastes really good!

I really want this to work, so I am actually really nervous!

Wish me luck.