Holding Myself Accountable by Writing my Goals!

I have invited about 15 people to my first chocolate party at this point.  My goal is to get 10 orders and hopefully 10 people to come.  My goal this first party is to get 4 people to schedule a party and to get $1000 in sales!  I really want to hit my first incentive in my first show.  I plan on trying to get at least 2 orders from no shows and to have 1 person sign up to become a member of my team.  I know these are big goals, but if I don’t say them then they won’t come true!  Wish me luck!


I Got My Starter Kit!

I recieved my started kit yesterday!

Upon getting the heavy box I went over to my friend Sara’s house.  She makes a cakes and works a lot with chocolate so I wanted her opinion.  We taste tested a few items together and she seemed impressed.  And not the fake impressed when family is just trying to be nice, but the ‘I would actually buy from you’ impressed.  She liked the premade chocolate leaves, the cinnamon dusted chocolate covered almonds, and wanted to try the white chocolate vinegrette.  She also said that for the quality the prices were really reasonable.

Opening the box with her made me more excited about doing this!  Time to go plan me a party!

Wish me luck!

My own worst enemy…

Today I have a cold and found out because of the recent holiday it will still be a few days before I recieve my chocolate starter kit.  I had a call with my team leader today.  Now mind you this leader lives 4 hours away, so really I am my team leader and this nice lady is just my chearleader.  It is great that I have someone to call if ever I need anything, but not so great that I won’t have that close interaction.

Some would say it is great that you don’t have someone constantly breathing down your neck trying to make you be motivated to succeed, with their ‘team meetings’ and overly enthusiastic pitches.  The down fall of not having a leader nearby is that I am the only reason that I would fail.  I don’t have any reference of success in this company because it is only me.  I don’t see others at meetings that are winning because I am my meeting.

I think I am going to schedule my first party as an open house at my house.  As soon as I get this kit I will be handing out invites to at least 15 people and hopefully I can think of more to finagle into coming.

‘Hey you! I am having a chocolate tasting at my house.  There will be drawings and prizes for free chocolate!’  (Wish me luck)

I took the leap!

I took the leap!  Hi I am Jen and I am starting one of those party business’.  Mine is chocolate.  

Why did I decide to start?  I felt that I wanted to contribute to the family income.

Why did I choose the one I chose?  I like chocolate.  The product and company looked good.  and I wanted a consumable product.

What don’t I like?  I can only take orders and not sell ‘from the table’.

Will I succeed?  I have a feeling I will be my own worst enemy to success.


Having never tasted the product I am pretty apprehensive.  But, hey, how can you screw up chocolate?!